Growing out your pixie cut

Pixies are not forever! You’re in good company (I think of Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway) if you are looking to take it to the next level….Modern-Pixie-Cut

6 – 8 weeks post pixie: Your first haircut during the grow-out stage should not be a full cut – ask to simply taper the neck area. Your stylist should then remove weight through the top, back and sides without cutting length, since, during this period, your hair will be subject to the dreaded round and heavy phase.


3 – 4 months, post: Styling is now a ROYAL pain! You are now begging your stylist to cut it all off, even though you made a blood pact with them not to do so. It’s time to get creative. Hair accessories, like bobby pins, should be kept handy and aplenty. Old school styling tools – yes, we mean a curling iron – will save your sanity at this point.

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At 5 – 6 months: It that a graduated bob shape I see forming?! Yes! Ask your stylist to tighten up the length around the nape and add some texture to the rest.


At 7 – 8 months, post pixie-cut: You’ve got a bob! Add some layers or solidify the perimeter line, whatever your heart desires! You’re home free now!

Relish Salon’s Color FYI

Have you ever heard your hair stylist spout words like ‘lowlights’, ‘balayage’ or ‘single process color’ and you have NO CLUE what they are talking about? You just nod your head and say “whatever you think looks best” or ‘Yeah sure! Why not?!

Relish Salon has just the article for you!

A quick read through our color FYI and you will understand today’s current and most commonly used ‘biz’ terms so on your next salon visit you can get just the look you want and you will know exactly WHAT to call it!!

Click on the ‘color 101’ link below to read! (Don’t forget to ‘enable editing’ in word so the format is legible!)

color-fyi relish salon

Relish Salon Blog Spot

Relish is a multi-cultural hair salon founded in 2009 by three hairdressers whose combined experience in the hair industry totals over 60 years. Relish is located in Glenwood Park, an in-town Atlanta community that, like Relish, emphasizes and celebrates community, diversity, and quality over quantity. 

Our blog will showcase things such as styling tips and tricks, latest hair trends, how-to tutorials and more!!