Our favorite cut and color trends of 2015

Have you been considering changing up your haircut or color? Check out what our stylist at Relish have chosen as their favorite trending styles for this year…..

Erin: Pastel Colors

Light pastels are not just for the 20-somethings! Try Erin’s recommendation for a new trending summer look! She says “I love this new trend that Helen Mirren has started for older women and if you are not sure about the all over color, try a few pastel face framing highlights or even an ombré!

helen mirren

Justin: Full, thick perfectly trimmed bangs

Justin is fantastic with cutting thick, bold bangs especially on women with longer hair. He recommends “when blow drying your hair at home start with soaking wet bangs then dry from the top of your bangs and use a round brush to add a little volume from underneath then brush the bangs side to side a few times while still drying then blast a little cold air from your dryer and a small spritz of hairspray (Eufora’s frizz control finishing spray works perfectly for bangs with light hold AND frizz control) to set the style, this will give you those perfect voluptuous and evenly spaced bangs.”

This style can be seen on celebrities like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé Knowles and Alyssa Milano!

taylor swift

Clay: Rose gold hair color

Clay loves to do gorgeous red tones especially paired with short bobs like the style worn by Emma Stone. This style looks great on nearly all skin tones and is great for women who want to make a statement but don’t want to go for the unnatural tones. He says “to help maintain a vibrant red you should rinse your shampoo and conditioner out of your hair with cold to luke-warm water, the hotter the water the faster the red will fade!”
This style can been seen on celebrities like Rihanna and Amy Adams

Amy Adams

Corey: Ombré highlights

Corey’s favorite trending style this year is ombré highlights. Tons of celebrities are rocking this look for the summer! Corey recommends getting a great leave-in conditioner (like eufora’s nourish leave-in hydration) for post-color maintenance specifically focusing on the ends of your hair. He says ‘the key to keeping that rich color on the ends is to maintain moisture!” This style can be seen on celebrities like Jessica Alba, Khloe Kardashian and Olivia Wilde.

jessica alba

Sarah: Face framing highlights

Sarah is super talented with highlights but especially with the trending summer style of face-framing highlights, seen on celebrities like Jessica Biel, Sarah Hyland, and Julia Roberts! Sarah says “face-framing highlights not only enhance your facial features, it can also make you look younger! Caramel highlights one to two shades lighter than your base color will warm up your skin, then style with some beachy waves to finish the look!”


Natalie: Dapper Dan Man

Natalie’s favorite trend for this summer is the men’s style you have seen on celebrities like Ryan Gosling, David Beckham and Justin Timberlake. She says “the key is keeping more length on the top and shorter on the sides and you can swoop it to the side with a little pomade (like eufora’s hero molding paste) for a classic look or get a little wild and rock a pompadour!”


Marjorie: Asymmetrical bob

Marjorie is excited about the current trend of asymmetrical bobs. She says “they are so fun to cut and the style is so versatile, it can be designed around many different face types and hair colors.”
You can see this look on celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Katie Perry and Keira Knightley!


Dexter: Embracing your naturally curly hair

Dexter loves embracing and maintaining his client’s natural curl. He says “It’s all about the products that you use, I recommend eufora’s smooth’n straightening balm for a softer look and the sculpture light styling glaze for a more firm and defined look. Apply to damp hair by scrunching up to the roots and then drying with a diffuser!”

See this look on celebrities like Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson and Sarah Jessica Parker!