4 Steps to Fabulous Fall Hair!


We spend tons of our time and money updating our wardrobe for the upcoming season, why not spend a little more on your hair?! After all the summer fun (i.e.  sun, salt water, and chlorine) your hair needs the TLC! Here are four steps to revamping your hair for the fall!

Step 1. Post-summer strands are dry and brittle and your color is probably faded from overexposure…we have a couple of suggestions for you.

  • Get a glaze…

A glaze differs from permanent color; think of it like a refresher that also adds shine. You can either get a clear glaze or add a bit of tint to it to refresh the existing color. The process takes about half an hour to apply the color and process. Ask your Relish stylist for more details!

  • If you’d like to try a simple take-home product, we recommend Eufora Beautifying Serum which is a lightweight, fast absorbing oil blend that brings faded, dull, damaged and dry hair back to life while providing frizz control, softness and shine.

Step 2. Change up your color! Are you warm or cool?

  • Your skin’s undertones can help you decide if a cool (platinum, silver or ash-toned) or warm (gold, auburn or strawberry) shade will look best on you. Here are a few ways to help you determine whether you’re warm or cool:
    • Check the veins on the inside of your arms; if they are blueish, you are cool; if they are greenish, your skin tone is warm.
    • If you look better in silver jewelry, you’ve got cool undertones; and if gold jewelry is more flattering on, you are warm.
    • Girls with warm tones lean to clothes that are orange, yellow, brown, warm red and off-white. While cool-tones girls favor purple, pink, magenta, blue-green and blue.
    • gallery-1438371776-warm-vs-cool-brown-hair-eva-longoria gallery-1438371661-warm-vs-cool-red-hair-christina-hendricks

Step 3. Add bangs…

  • Update your do with some fun and fringy bangs! Not sure which bangs work best for your face shape and features? Here is a baseline:
    • Blunt…Square face, high forehead
    • Angled…Round face, square hairline
    • Micro…Oval face, balanced features

Step 4. Try razored layers! Especially with bobs, this layering technique can totally change up your look! It will let you achieve loose, lived in texture with minimal effort.

  • To enhance the shape and texture of your razored layers, we recommend Eufora’s Details Dry Spray Wax which is all the benefits of a wax in the convenience of a spray for versatile wet or dry styling. It will give you that 2nd day hair look without the greasy feel.

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